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We Can Help You / You Can Help Us

The Miller Writing Center tutors and staff can help faculty members:

  • Introduce students to the MWC. If you would like a writing center tutor to give a brief presentation to one or more of your classes, submit a request form.
  • Submit a
    Request Form
  • Facilitate peer writing groups. Writing center tutors and staff can help introduce your students to peer response and facilitate writing groups within and outside of courses.
  • Develop mini-lessons on specific topics.

Miller Writing Center tutors and staff would be greatly assisted by faculty who:

  • Send us information about assignments, requirements, or special needs. We can use this information during specific tutoring sessions and during our training.
  • Encourage, but not require their students to visit the MWC. Required visits are problematic for several reasons including overwhelming our schedule. If you feel an entire class of students needs our help, please contact us.
  • Identify students who are strong writers and encourage them to become writing center tutors. We are continually looking for students from all disciplines who are good readers and writers themselves and who are excited about working with other writers.
  • Link your Canvas course site to our website:
  • Follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook.

I appreciate the availability and willingness of the Miller Writing Center in helping improve my students' academic success. After Dr. Adams led a peer response session in my class, the class average was higher than in previous semesters and my grading went faster because the writing was better. All in all, a very worthwhile addition to my class routine.

— Dr. Robert Nelson, Agricultural Economics

Need to Talk with Us?

If you have questions about any of our student services or about how we might help students from your courses more specifically, please email our Coordinator of Student Services at or call 334-844-7475.

Who We Are

We serve ALL students for their entire Auburn career. Our goal is to help students become better writers, develop strategies for approaching writing tasks, and proofread and edit their own writing. Our writing consultants — both graduate and undergraduate — represent a variety of majors and support writers be being good readers of writing-in-process. We offer assistance with:

  • Any course assignment — lab reports, essays, research papers, memos, letters, executive summaries, posters, PowerPoints, annotations, theses, dissertations, scholarly articles, and more
  • Applications for internships, scholarships, or graduate school
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Conventions of different disciplines

Although walk-in appointments are welcome, we strongly encourage students to make appointments online at

The average session runs for half an hour. Students will receive individual peer tutoring focused on their writing needs. As a teacher, you'll automatically get a summary of the session if the student has agreed to our sending of such a report.

Where We Are and When We Are Open

We have three main locations and satellite locations around campus. Current hours and locations are:

The Learning Commons

RBD Library 2nd Floor

  • Sunday: 4-9pm
  • Monday-Thursday: Noon-9pm

The Athletic Complex

corner of Donahue and Samford

  • Sunday: 6-8pm
  • Monday-Thursday: 11am-3pm and 5-9pm

Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

602 Duncan, Room 3407

  • Mon, Noon-4pm
  • Tues, 10am-Noon
  • Weds, 11am-1pm
  • Thurs, 10am-2pm

The Learning Resources Center

Haley 3408

  • Monday-Thursday: 9am-Noon

Multicultural Center

Student Center 1330J

  • Tues-Thurs, 9am-noon


2nd floor LADC, Dudley Hall

  • Sun-Thurs, 5-9pm

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