ePortfolio Grants

Grant Process

The ePortfolio Project offers grants to help faculty members, programs, and units involved in the implementation of ePortfolios to receive the support they need to begin and sustain deep, meaningful teaching and research with ePortfolios. The ePortfolio grants are awarded twice a year, with a smaller call in the fall and a larger call in the spring.

Types of Grants
  • Conference & Travel
  • Space & Equipment
  • Curriculum Development
  • Research & Assessment

Examples include attendance at the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning Conference, hosting on campus workshops and training, and other appropriate opportunities to learn more about ePortfolios and best practices for implementation.

Examples include laptops, equipment for lighting, sound, and photography to produce high-quality visual and audio artifacts, and spaces where students can help each other. Space and equipment needs should be specifically linked to the needs of the ePortfolio Project, and where that space or equipment will serve multiple functions, the grant request must include appropriate contributions from the department, college, or other appropriate unit. Funding priority will be given to equipment and space grants that will support multiple individuals or units.

Examples include designing or revising courses or assignments. Departments and colleges or co-curricular units are expected to help with these costs, but proposals that lay out specific needs for curricular development will be considered. Since some programs will not want to require professional ePortfolios but individual students in those programs may still be interested in creating a professional ePortfolio, recruiting and training faculty to be effective mentors will be an essential element to ensure that all who wish to participate have the support necessary to produce an effective professional ePortfolio. Likewise, for individual faculty whose courses become places for producing and collecting artifacts, synthesizing experiences, or learning the visual literacy and technical skills required to produce an ePortfolio, extra work is likely and this work is eligible for funding (e.g., TA support, faculty salary stipend, summer stipends for students).

Examples include developing research on specific aspects of ePortfolio practice (creation of artifacts, critical thinking, visual literacy, arrangement); projects that examine ePortfolio participation related to student success, retention, or engaged learning; or projects that consider the impact of ePortfolios on faculty and/or teaching. Projects that show potential for publication or eventual external funding and projects that contribute to the assessment of Auburn’s ePortfolio Project will be preferred.

Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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