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Welcome to the gallery for portfolios created at Auburn. This space was created for students and faculty to see different examples of ePortfolios connected to Auburn. Please scroll through different ePortfolios or jump to specific disciplines using the navigation bar. Below are definitions of the different types of ePortfolio used in education. If you would like the broader definition of an ePortfolio, see our homepage.

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ePortfolio Definitions

  • Professional ePortfolios: A Professional or Career ePortfolio is a website that is made up of documents or media (artifacts) that show evidence of experiences, skills and knowledge. It is structured and organized for a professional audience whether it is for graduate school or an employer. Although the process of creating the Professional ePortfolio includes both learning and assessment, less process is showcased unless encouraged by the future employer. The Professional ePortfolio can be a capstone project or it can be worked toward throughout the curriculum.
  • Learning ePortfolios: Learning ePortfolios are also websites that contain a variety of documents. However, the purpose of these ePortfolios is to show growth instead of skills. It may include lots of document drafts or have comments embedded in the ePortfolio. The Learning ePortfolio can be used both at the course level and programmatic level as well.
  • Course ePortfolios: Course ePortfolios are a type of Learning ePortfolios that gives students the opportunity to practice with artifact creation and technology during a single course. Although the ePortfolios have fewer documents, they often give students a jumping off point to continue their work with ePortfolios.
  • Assessment ePortfolios: An assessment ePortfolio could be both a Professional or Learning ePortfolio, but Assessment ePortfolios are often created with the soul purpose of assessing learning outcomes. These ePortfolios are most commonly created in LMS-like platforms, which tracks the student data. Although Auburn will assess the ePortfolio Project at different levels using both direct and indirect measures, the Development Committee decided against purchasing a platform because the committee hoped the main goal of these ePortfolios would be learning, not assessment.


Will Hart | Business & Architecture

Sam Register | Building Science

Karissa Womack | Creative Writing

Laura Elmer | English Grad Program

David Elmer | Exercise Science

Eric Austin | Journalism

Tara Jones | Marketing

Megan McGahan | Nursing

Alessio Summerfield | RTVF, Student Ambassador

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