Directions to Miller Writing Center Locations

RBD Library Learning Commons

We are on the 2nd floor of the RBD Library. There is a “Miller Writing Center” sign above our front desk and on the wall. When you get here, check in with one of our front desk workers. They’ll help you create an account, schedule appointments, and introduce you to the writing consultants.

Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center is located on the third floor of Haley Center (rooms 3408-3410). Once you see this entrance, walk through the doors and go to the main desk.

Athletic Complex (Student Athlete Development Center)

Use the entrance shown here (left) to find a Miller Writing Center writing consultant at the Student Athlete Development Center (SADC).

When you walk through the main door of the SADC, you will see this front desk. Walk up to the front desk and tell the person working there that you have an appointment with the Miller Writing Center. He or she will ask you to sign in and then direct you downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find another desk. Your tutor will be in either room 262 or 263, which are down the hallway across from the desk.

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center is located on the first floor of the Auburn University Student Center in room 1330. It is across the hall from Au Bon Pan and the gaming area. Please enter the Multicultural Center through its main entrance (shown on the left). The staff member behind the front desk will direct you to a Miller Writing Center consultant.

Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

When visiting the MWC Forestry location, make sure to enter the building through the main doors (pictured here.)

Once inside the main doors, turn to your left and walk down the hallway below the green exit sign.

Once inside the hallway, turn to your right and walk up the staircase to the second floor.

When you exit the staircase at the second floor, you will walk into this foyer. Go straight and walk down this hallway.

It’s a long hallway—keep going!

The second to the last door on the left is the MWC Forestry location, room 3407. Enjoy your session!

Architecture (LADC)

The Miller Writing Center Architecture Location is situated within the LADC Library. The library can be access through the second floor of Dudley Hall. You’ll find a Miller Writing Center tutor waiting for you at a group of tables to the right of the entrance.

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