Freshman Leadership






Mission Statement

Freshman Leadership Programs seek to instill the value of leadership in freshmen. By focusing on individual development, as well as team building, freshmen will walk away ready to lead on Auburn’s campus.


FLP Visitor Request Form

If you or your organization would like to make a visit to each Freshman Leadership Program then please click on the link below and fill out our form. The form must be submitted by 5:00pm on the Thursday prior to the week you plan on visiting.

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There are nine different programs that focus on different aspects of campus life. The program’s focuses are listed below:

Community Awareness

Community Service


Health and Wellness

Student Government

Each week 45 freshmen will meet with their Director and Assistant Directors to work on leadership development and campus involvement. Each meeting is designed to help freshmen enhance their abilities, network with fellow leaders, and practice the skills they acquire in their own individual way. Below are descriptions of each program as well as the days and times that each group will be meeting throughout the 2014-2015 school year. For further information, or if you have any questions about FLP, then please contact Brody Betz at bbb0005@auburn.edu. 



2014-2015 FLP Executive Staff

Executive Director: Brody Betz, bbb0005@auburn.edu

Director of Development: Macey Cleary, mcc0028@auburn.edu

Director of Operations: Mitch Weber, cmw0040@auburn.edu


Program Details


Director: Joseph Neyman (tjn0002@auburn.edu)
Assistant Directors: Ryan Bynum, Jean Elizabeth Miles, Reagan Brack

This community service program gives freshmen the opportunity to reach out to the Auburn community in a meaningful way. The students in this program will decide which community service groups they would like to work with (such as Joyland Daycare and the Humane Society) while learning how to become an effective leader in any community.

Director: Haley Hawkins (hmh0023@auburn.edu)
Assistant Directors: David Mitchell, Maddy Bonifay, Kyler Hancock

This program is an initiative that strives on developing students at Auburn into leaders who will change the world. The Challenge focuses on global issues such as hunger, education, poverty and many more topics and what steps we can take to end these problems.

ELITE- Mondays
Director: Alex Peña (jap0032@auburn.edu)
Assistant Directors: Frances Smith, Audrey Walding, Andrew Hungler 

This program focuses on enhancing leadership skills while working with the nonprofit organization Soles4Souls. Freshmen will plan and organize a shoe drive in the spring while gaining experience in teamwork, event planning, and making a positive impact on those around them.

Director: Ivy Sibley (iks0001@auburn.edu)

Assistant Directors: Alex Stroud, Will Gibson, Kate Hardman

Freshman Forum works with Auburn's Student Government Association. They work to promote the freshmen class while developing personal leadership skills through active involvement in Student Government Association programs and initiatives.

Director: Michaela Fendley (
Assistant Directors: Anthony D'Antonio, Matthew Smith, Carrie Culwell

While promoting healthy living for all Auburn students, this group focuses on the nine pillars of health and wellness by increasing students' knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, skills, and behaviors concerning health while also enhancing their leadership abilities. 

"THIS IS AUBURN" - Mondays
Director: Elizabeth Jones (ehj0004@auburn.edu)
Assistant Directors: Jennifer Ashman, Brianna Daniels, Tyler Nowicki

In this program, freshmen will focus on what it really means to be an Auburn man and woman while learning the history of our traditions and spirit through leadership activities. Also, the freshmen will plan an Auburn event in the spring that brings in alumni and current students to speak about how Auburn has impacted their lives. 

PAL - Tuesdays
Director: Kathleen Jadoonath (
Assistant Directors: Elizabeth Earles, Victoria Sexton, Chris Smillie

An acronym for "Philanthropy and Leadership," this program will work with the Beat Bama Food Drive (BBFD) and the Auburn University Dance Marathon (AUDM) as well as any other philanthropic organizations on campus. Through this, freshmen will gain a better understanding of the process and work aspects of coordinating an event that helps those in need. 

LEAP- Thursdays
Director: Michaela Charles (
Assistant Directors: Zach Blomely, Julia Tubbs, Romil Patel

The city of Auburn and surrounding areas are what make Auburn a great place to spend a college experience. Through this program, freshmen will help better connect Auburn students to the city by assisting Auburn based events such as "Auburn Nights" in the downtown area and even help get students registered for state elections. 

Director: Caroline Holmes (ceh0049@auburn.edu)
Assistant Directors: Trey Edwards, Anna Lane Tinsley, Emily Knowling

This program works with the new Miss Auburn, Caroline Stephens, and her platform on "sparking change" on Auburn's campus through random acts of kindness and other activities. Each week, freshmen will have the opportunity to learn and grow in their leadership while bringing a sense of service to Auburn students.