Early Learning Progress Profile (ELPP)

Welcome to the Early Learning Progress Profile (ELPP) online data collection system. The ELPP Website is a tool for collecting data to measure the extent to which preschool children show improvement from their entry into, and exit from, their preschool special education programs and services. This data collection is required to meet Indicator 7 federal reporting requirements regarding the education of preschool children with disabilities [20 U.S.C. 1418(a)(3)(a)]. You may wish to become familiar with the ELPP Website by reviewing information provided in in the Helpful Links section below.

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Click here to view a video of the ELPP Updates webinar from September 13, 2012.


Click here to read answers to ELPP FAQs.
 Helpful Hints:
  ● Record Keeping. Click  here  to download and print the Entry and Exit ELPP forms to be used while
   collecting ELPP data, and to be kept with students’ special education records. A paper copy must be in the student’s file.
  ● SETS Updates. Please  allow 1-2 days  for changes made to student data in SETS to appear in the
   ELPP Website. The ALSDE SETS database provides student information for the ELPP Website.
  ● Spreadsheet Students. The names of students, whose Entry ELPP data were  originally  submitted
   through the EETS Excel spreadsheet, should be reported to Dr. Frank Buck at Frank@frankbuck.org. These students would have started preschool programs prior to the 2011-2012 school year and had their ELPP forms completed using the previous preschool standards. After receipt of the students’ previous ELPP data is confirmed, the students’ names will be moved to the exit listing on this website, and noted to have their exit data also submitted into the EETS spreadsheet, rather than this ELPP Website.
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