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Waiting List Information for Students Currently Submitting Housing Applications

Thank you for applying to live in University Housing. At this time, on-campus housing is tentatively full for both men and women for Fall 2014. Please bookmark this page to easily access your number on the waiting list. The waiting list is updated daily (Monday through Friday) and your number will improve as other wait-listed students cancel or are offered housing. Please allow 24 hours for your application to post to the system which generates your number on the waiting list. Please note that there are separate waiting lists for men’s and women’s housing so your number will be in relation to other men and women on those respective waiting lists depending on your gender.

When we make our projections in terms of the number of applicants who can be guaranteed housing prior to initiating the waiting lists, we anticipate that a certain number of these applicants will cancel their reservations. Therefore, we have accepted more applicants than our current capacity allows. Consequently, the cancellations that we are currently receiving are not creating vacancies that can be offered to wait-listed applicants. If the cancellation rate exceeds that which we predicted, then we will offer housing to applicants on the waiting list. We are conservative with our cancellation predictions: therefore we typically are able to offer housing to a number of students on both waiting lists. In fact, last Summer we eventually offered housing to all wait-listed male and female students who still wanted to live on campus when we contacted them.

The question we are always asked – and understandably so – is, “What are my chances of obtaining housing?”  Historical data helps us to predict the retention rate of our current residents and the cancellation rate of guaranteed housing applicants but, very honestly, it is impossible to predict with complete accuracy. Therefore, the situation is always “wait and see”. Please be sure to check your Auburn email (Tigermail) account regularly because we email waiting list updates later in the Spring and throughout the Summer to students still remaining on the waiting lists.  We will also contact you via Tigermail if a space becomes available for you.

If you are interested in investigating off-campus housing options while you are in this wait-list situation, check out our off-campus housing information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or (334) 844-4580.

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