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Housing Staff

Bryan Cotney

Interim Director, University Housing

David Maddox (E-mail)

Director, Auxiliary Services (including Housing) Property Management

Rob Mckinnell

Manager, Housing Administrative Operations

Cecelia Owens

Financial Assistant

Lindsey Sharpe (E-mail)

Assignments Coordinator

Residence Life Staff


Dr. Virginia Koch (E-mail)

Director, Residence Life


Maureen Young (E-mail)

Area Director – Supervisory responsibility for the Village residence halls and for Dowell, Knapp, Boyd, Sasnett, and Leischuck Halls and Hall M on the Hill.


Niccole Larnell (E-mail)

Area Director – Supervisory responsibility for the Quad residence halls and for Hollifield, Duncan, Dunn, and Graves Halls on the Hill
Residence Hall Association Advisor

Will Avery  (E-mail)

South Donahue Hall Director and supervisory responsibility for Toomer and Dobbs Halls on the Hill


Becky McKeen (E-mail)

Administrative Assistant