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FALL 2014

Note: this form is for current residents only (student-athletes and sorority members who will be living on their sorority floors or on the Pan-Hellenic floor do NOT submit this form). If you do not currently live on campus, click on the How to Apply link underneath Future Students on our website ( to apply for on-campus housing.

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For purposes of this request form, S. Donahue will be referred to as an area, rather than a stand-alone residence hall. Please rank order your first and second area choices. If you only want to request to live in one of the areas, then just rank it as your first choice.

Are you a member of the Honors College?(Select one)

If yes, do you have a preferred roommate who is not a member of the Honors College?(Select one)


The deadline to submit this form is midnight on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. Submissions received after this time and date will only be considered if space is available.

We will contact you about the status of your request the week of February 3rd via Tigermail