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AU Affiliated Graduate and Family Housing

Auburn University Affiliated Graduate and Family Housing is pleased to provide a number of one-bedroom and two-bedroom units at Cabana Apartments for the 2014-2015 academic year. What are the advantages of renting from Auburn University Graduate and Family Housing?


Benefits AU affiliated Housing Non AU Housing
Desirable community You will be part of a mature graduate/family community with similar interests and goals You may end up living among undergraduate students, noise, parties, etc.
Lowers risk of a poor choice Apartments were selected by Auburn University with student interests in mind Increased…you might find a good deal but…maybe not!
Finalizes a BIG decision before arriving Convenient and affordable housing in attractive neighborhoods near campus After arriving you have to take your chances on finding similar housing
Saves time and energy AU has done the searching for you so you don’t have to! Apartment searches can take upwards of 2+ weeks
Eliminates stress No worries about finding suitable housing May be extensive
Voicing grievances Defined process through AU No process through AU
AU Housing Agreement versus a standard lease If you provide another AU student who is an acceptable replacement, then you will be released from your AU Housing Agreement with no associated administrative fees You are still legally responsible to pay if the person who subleases from you fails to pay. Sub-leasing administrative fees are often charged.
No security deposit $0 Up to one month's rent(500+)
Cost of apartment unit Competitive rental rate More expensive in terms of initial cost (security deposit, temporary accommodations)
Convenient billing Monthly rent and electric bill automatically billed to AU student account Less convenient: must pay property manager each month
You can make a difference Your ideas are desired to help provide better service to students Your ideas may not be sought or valued by other property managers.