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Here you will find answers to the most common questions asked by future and new residents. If you don't find your question here, please send an e-mail with your question to

Are freshmen guaranteed housing? 
No, on-campus housing is guaranteed on a first-come, first-served basis. There are not enough beds on campus to house the entire freshman class. Your housing assignment will be determined by your housing priority date which is the date you submit your housing application. Exception: National Merit Finalists and National Achievement Scholars are guaranteed housing so long as they apply for housing by May 10, 2014..

How do I apply for on-campus housing? 
Before you can apply, you must be admitted to the University and pay the $200 confirmation deposit.   Instructions for applying on line for housing will be included with the letter acknowledging the receipt of that deposit that you will receive from Admissions.

Will I be able to request certain types of housing or a roommate when I apply? 
Yes, you may rank order your choices of housing on the application.  Remember, though, that we cannot place everyone in their first housing choice!  If you have someone you want to live with, you will be able to list that person’s name on the application. If the request is mutual and you both have been guaranteed housing, then there is an excellent chance that you will be placed together and your housing assignment will be determined by whichever of you has the latest housing priority date.

Do I have to pay any fees when I apply? 
Yes, you will pay a $50 non-refundable application fee and a refundable $250 prepayment which will be credited to your student account. You may cancel your reservation and receive a refund of the prepayment at any time prior to your cancellation deadline.  This deadline will be specified when you receive your housing assignment.

Will your office acknowledge the receipt of my housing application? 
Yes.  You’ll receive an email to your Tigermail (Auburn email) address either guaranteeing you housing or notifying you of your number on the waiting list (if one is in effect) immediately upon submitting your housing application on line.

When do the waiting lists for men and women typically begin?

Typically in February or March but the date Housing tentatively fills each year fluctuates. The key is do not delay: submit your housing application now!

How will your office communicate with me? 
Prior to your enrollment, communications from our office to you will be primarily to your Tigermail email address.  Certain communications may be surface mailed.  We also encourage you to visit our website ( frequently for information.

When will I find out my housing assignment?
Current residents will secure their housing accommodations for Fall shortly after the beginning of Spring Semester.  Once that process is completed, then the assignment process for incoming students will begin.  We will begin the housing assignment notification process in late May.  Applicants will be notified throughout the Summer as later applicants (those students whose applications are received from December going forward) will  have to wait longer to receive their assignments..

What information will you include with my housing assignment?

Of course, we will tell you where you will be living and with whom. We will also provide contact information for your roommate (suitemates for the Village and S. Donahue) and we encourage you to make contact with each other prior to move-in. We will also include move-in dates and other information to help you prepare for move-in.  

Can I cancel my housing reservation at any time before I move in? 
The answer depends upon when you cancel.  Up until the time you receive your housing assignment, you can cancel the agreement without penalty.  You will be given a cancellation deadline in your housing assignment information.  After that date, if you cancel you will forfeit your $250 prepayment if you do not enroll at Auburn.  If you do enroll and cancel after the deadline, you will have a rental obligation for Fall and Spring semesters if we do not have a waiting list.  If we do have a waiting list and can replace you, then you will simply forfeit the $250 prepayment. Always check with our office first before signing a lease off campus if your on-campus housing cancellation deadline has expired.

Once I have moved in, can I move somewhere else on campus?  What about moving off campus – will I still have to pay for my on-campus housing? 
Yes, you can move within University Housing during the course of the academic year. Room change dates will be communicated to you.  If you move off campus, you will still have to pay for a space on campus for the entire academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters) because there are typically no waiting lists during the year.

What if I need special accommodations?
There are housing units designed to accommodate students with disabilities. For information, contact the Housing Office at 334-844-4580. Please submit your medical request forms by March 31st. Also, we encourage you to contact Office of Accessibility at 334-844-2096 to learn of the services they offer.

Is University Housing open during breaks?
With the exception of South Donahue Hall, all residence halls close between semesters and during Thanksgiving and Spring breaks.

What is included in rent for residence halls?
The necessary furniture and all utilities in addition to wireless internet and basic TV cable service are provided (phone service is not included).

How do residents get mail?
Residents are provided with mail boxes in their residential area. The Hill, Quad and Village have centralized mailrooms and S. Donahue will have a mailroom in the building. Mail is distributed by University employees Monday through Friday. Packages are delivered to the mailrooms and residents receive notification to pick up their packages.

What about food and where do I eat?
AU dining locations are convenient to the residence halls.  There is a required dining plan for all undergraduates living both on and off campus. More information is posted on the AU Dining website (  The residence halls also have a community kitchen in each building and a microwave and fridge are provided in the individual suites in the Village and S. Donahue. Hill and Quad residents may have a small microwave and fridge in their rooms (size and wattage will be included with housing assignment information).

What about heating and cooling in the residence halls?
Due to the nature of the mechanical systems in the Quad and Hill residence halls, heating and air-conditioning “on demand” are not possible.  We have a water-based system that only allows for hot water to be run through the pipes when the heat is on and chilled water to be run through the pipes when the A/C is on.  The hot and chilled water cannot be run concurrently and when we convert from heat to A/C and vice versa, it involves more than a flip of a switch and therefore the conversion process typically takes two to three days.  Therefore, we monitor long range forecasts and must make decisions for the longer term versus what the next day or two might bring in terms of temperatures. 

Because of wide temperature fluctuations at certain times in the late Fall, Winter, and early Spring, it is impossible for us to provide heating and cooling in the Hill and Quad to satisfy everyone’s internal thermostat.  The exposure of the building to the sun adds to the challenge of providing heating or cooling that satisfies everyone during these very short periods of temperature fluctuations. It never fails that on the very same day (and sometimes in the very same building), we have residents requesting air-conditioning and other residents requesting heat!

When you are making your housing requests, please keep the nature of the Hill and Quad HVAC system in mind if you have sensitivities (asthma, allergies, etc.) to the weather that require you to have heat and A/C on demand. 

At the Village and S. Donahue, each suite has its own temperature controlling thermostat so heat and A/C are available on demand in those buildings.

I still have questions – who do I need to contact? 
Email us at or call (334) 844-4580.