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Disciplinary procedures/
Peer Review Board Process

Housing and Residence Life has established Community Standards which apply to all residents, as well as policies which specifically pertain to either residence halls or apartment complexes.  All standards are detailed in The Guide to Residential Living and the Housing Agreement, which should be read carefully. Claiming ignorance of a standard or hall/apartment policy does not excuse a violation.

Staff members follow Housing and Residence Life procedures when dealing with violations of community standards.  For first-time violations involving quiet hours, furniture, trash, improper exit from buildings, and unlocking doors, the resident involved is given an oral or written warning and informed that the incident is being documented and that further violations may require more advanced measures.

Incidents involving second violations of quiet hours, furniture, trash, improper exit, and  unlocking doors, as well as first violations involving alcohol, non-compliance, pets, and door propping will be documented on an Incident Report.

When a violation of any standard or policy is recorded on an Incident Report, the HD will meet with the resident and assign sanctions (disciplinary measures). Sanctions imposed by staff members may include, but are not limited to, fines, community service, required viewing of educational videos, and loss of privileges. Failure to respond to a staff request to review an Incident Report will result in a $50 fine.

If the resident does not agree with the Sanction Contract; if the resident fails to complete the assigned sanctions by the deadline for completion; or if the violation needs attention beyond the Hall Director, the incident is referred to the Peer Review Board. 

The Peer Review Board (PRB) is comprised of five residents representing the residential communities (Hill, Quad, Extension).  At the start of Fall Semester, PRB members are chosen by the remaining PRB members from the previous year and the Peer Review Board advisor. They undergo training during the opening phase of Fall Semester, and serve for the academic year. 


The purpose of the PRB is to hear cases referred to it by Residence Life staff involving alleged violations of Housing and Residence Life policies (or  Community Standards) as detailed in both the Housing Agreement and The Guide to Residential Living.

Points.  Depending on the nature and severity of an incident, the PRB assigns a certain number of points to a resident found guilty of a violation.

Repeated hearings before the Board by the resident result in more points. Once a resident has accumulated 6 points, he/she may be given a written warning which states that further point accumulation will result in relocation within on-campus housing, or the PRB may recommend immediate relocation.  Once 10 points have been accumulated, the resident is given a written warning that a total of 12 points will result in  removal from on-campus housing.  Likewise, once 12 points have been accumulated, the resident is removed from on-campus housing, given 72-hours to vacate the premises.  It is possible to receive 12 points for one violation, depending on its severity. (Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia will result in automatic and immediate removal from housing.)  Students removed from housing for disciplinary reasons are not allowed to visit in Housing and Residence Life facilities.


The imposing of sanctions (disciplinary measures) is intended to relate directly to the nature and severity of the violation as well as the perceived willingness of the resident to accept responsibility for his/her actions.  The following sanctions may be imposed by the Board:

formal reprimand - a written warning;

community service - the performance of reasonable and relative non-credit assignments (examples include: trash pickup, attending/presenting an educational program to fellow residents, creating bulletin boards, etc.)

required viewing of educational videos

probation - the loss of a certain privilege (e.g. visitation);

damage assessment - a set amount assessed to cover damages incurred (e.g. vandalism);

fines - for alcohol or trash violations, or for violations involving safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, exit signs and smoke detectors; for non-compliance, and failure to complete PRB sanctions and fire safety sanctions;

transfer - relocation within on-campus housing;

eviction - permanent  removal   

Hearings. The hearings are held in Burton Hall (Housing Office), Room 202. Hearings are closed, with only the charging staff member, the resident charged, witnesses, Board members, and the Advisor present.


Immediately following the deliberation process of the Peer Review Board, the resident meets with the Board to receive the Board’s written decision. At this time, any sanctions and points are explained. If the sanction(s) are completed as assigned, the resident is cleared by the Advisor. If the sanctions are improperly completed, or not completed at all, the resident is then referred again to the Board for a follow-up hearing.

If sanctions are not completed, there is a $50 fine.

Re-referral to the PRB results in an automatic 2 point accumulation plus any additional points as determined by the PRB.

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to invoke an Administrative Process to hear incidents that are deemed inappropriate for hearing by the Peer Review Board.

Some incidents are referred to the University Discipline Committee and the University Police may be called into matters involving illegal behavior and/or non-compliance.


A resident referred to the Board has certain rights:

 to be informed of Housing and Residence Life policy as promulgated through the Housing Agreement and The Guide to Residential Living;

 to be informed of the charge(s) brought against them by a staff member, as documented in the Incident Report;

 to a private, confidential, and fair hearing;

 to be informed of the hearing at least 48 hours in advance of its convening;

 to not appear before the Board in person, yet still have the case heard in a fair and equitable manner, without penalty for not appearing;

 to defend themselves in writing and/or in person before the Board;

 to ask questions of any witnesses appearing before the Board;

 to a written statement of the Board’s decision;

 to appeal the decision to the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Appeal.  Board decisions may be appealed in writing within 48 hours of the hearing date.  The appeal should be addressed to: Director, Housing and Residence Life, Room 202, Burton Hall; it is recommended that the letter be hand-delivered.  The sanction completion process is placed on hold pending the outcome of the appeal.


Behavior or actions not listed under standards or policies, may be deemed inappropriate or destructive by staff members, and could bring about disciplinary action. 

Also, if a resident is in a room/apartment when a violation occurs, he or she will face disciplinary action. If one person is in violation all persons present are in violation.

It is recommended that  you leave the area as soon as you suspect a violation.