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IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT YET DEPOSITED: When the $200 Admissions deposit is submitted, It takes two to three business days for it to be posted to the system and for the system to be updated. Therefore, students will not be able to log into and submit the housing application until two to three business days after they deposit.

NOTE: if you are currently living on campus, do not submit this application. If you wish to return to housing for Fall of 2014, please contact our office. This application is for incoming students or current students living off campus.

ANOTHER NOTE: if you have submitted your application and wish to make changes to it, please email to request the change. Do NOT try to submit another application with your changes. If you wish to change your submitted applicaiton from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015, please email as well.

Student Athletes:  We would like to remind all Student Athletes that you must request housing for South Donahue through the Athletics Department directly. Please do not submit an application through University Housing directly because we do not assign Student Athletes to South Donahue.

A waiting list for both men's and women's housing for Fall 2014 is now in effect.. This means that housing is tentatively full and spaces will be offered to wait-listed applicants as they become available.  However, National Merit Finalists and National Achievement Finalists who will be members of the Honors College and Elite Scholars are guaranteed a space in housing as long as they apply by May 10, 2014..  If you are one of these students, please submit the application and then immediately email to give us this information. After we receive your email, we will remove you from the waiting list and move your application into the guaranteed group (assuming you submit your housing application by May 10).

After you pay the $200 Admissions confirmation deposit and the system has been updated as described above, you will log into the application by entering your AU username and password. Your username and instructions for setting up your AU password were included in your acceptance letter. If you have not set up or have forgotten your password go to: and follow the directions listed in the “Your AU Username and Password” section. A separate application is required for Summer housing and that application can be obtained by contacting our office.

The application process is very simple but read everything very carefully. You must have a Master Card or VISA (we do not accept any other credit cards) to pay the $50 non-refundable application fee and the $250 refundable housing prepayment which are required when you submit the application.  You will "e-sign" a housing agreement.  If you are under 19 years of age, your parent/guarantor must also agree to the terms of the housing agreement.  When you accept the agreement, you will also be affirming that your parent/guarantor accepts the agreement as well.  Because it takes some time to read the terms of the agreement, we strongly encourage you to do so and have your credit card in hand before logging into the application.  Just click on the Terms link at the top of this page.  The application is time-sensitive:  therefore, your link will terminate after 45 minutes have expired.

The date you submit your housing application, application fee and housing prepayment will be your housing priority date. This date will be used in determining your housing assignment if we are able to offer you housing. A NOTE ABOUT ROOMMATE ASSIGNMENTS: housing assignments for mutually requested roommates will be determined by whichever of the two housing priority dates is the latest. If your requested roommate has been guaranteed housing, and if you are eventually offered housing after your room mate has received a housing assignment, we will still attempt to place you together.

When you submit your application, your name will be added to the waiting list for your gender.  Please click on the Waiting List link under Future Students on our home page for information as to what it means to be on the waiting list.  You will also be able to go to this link to check your number on the list on a daily basis. The waiting list updates daily (Monday-Friday) but allow 24 hours after submitting your application to log in to check your number.

The receipt of your application will be acknowledged by email to your Tigermail (Auburn email) address immediately upon submission of the application (make a habit of checking your Tigermail daily).

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