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How to Apply for an Apartment in Auburn University Graduate and Family Housing

You may apply for an apartment after you have accepted your offer of admission to the Graduate School, the College of Veterinary Medicine or the Harrison School of Pharmacy. Please note the following items:

    1.  Complete the 2014-2015 Apartment Application and email to

    2.   If an apartment is available, you will have the opportunity to accept the offer to live in AU Affiliated Housing by signing and submitting a 12 month (August 12th, 2014 through August 7th, 2015) apartment agreement. The apartment guidelines and regulations will be provided with a copy of the apartment agreement.

    3.   If you wish to cancel your apartment reservation after you have submitted the agreement, then we will release you from your rental obligation IF we can replace you with another student who is eligible to live in these apartments. If we cannot replace you, then you must provide an acceptable replacement in order to be released from your rental obligation.  In either case, your housing agreement will be terminated when the replacement signs and submits his/her agreement.

    4.   Requesting a roommate on the Apartment Application

    A.  If you have pre-selected a roommate who is eligible (also an Auburn University graduate student) to live in Auburn Affiliated Apartments, include the student’s name in the appropriate section on the housing application. If you do not have a roommate, and would like assistance finding a roommate, be sure to provide your contact information on the application.

    B.  Additional sources for possible roommates:

    Visit the Graduate School’s Facebook page and post that you are looking for a roommate.  The page can be found at

    Graduate Student Council at:

    International Student Organization (ISO) at:  and click on the Contact link for general information or the Related Links tab for an ISO for a specific country 

    5.   Please email Nick Wiard in the Housing Office at Nrw0002@auburn for additional information or with questions about Auburn University Graduate and Family Housing.