The Human Odyssey Student Experience

- Instructors were interested in course and showed a reasonable level of interest. Loved the course content, but the labs were boring. Didn’t feel like we "opened a can of worms" often enough…

- Both of these teachers were great instructors. Their personalities fit great with each other, and it is no doubt that they knew the material. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Professor X took over too often and wouldn’t give Professor Y a chance to talk. Yet the organization was good and we were encouraged to get involved.

- It would have been a lot better if we had even more time for class discussion.

- Main instructor when leading discussion with very good insight. Was sometimes condescending toward Professor X …

- They were good teachers and know their material. They were always well prepared.

- Great teachers, always prepared. I liked the way this class was set up and run. The discussions made me think and kept me interested.

- The course as a whole was well thought out, but at times, was hard to follow.

- Professor Z is my favorite teacher here at Auburn. He is very kind and understanding but he still doesn’t let us get away with crap. He is very smart and always has new information for us. He is always willing to listen to our views, and he is just a superman.

- This Class explained WHY history happened and analyzed the issues (both controversial and common) that shaped the world. It constantly challenged students' perspectives, forcing students to find creative solutions to the world's big questions.

Last Updated: May 2, 2012