Who is James T. Bradley?

Jim Bradley's Acronym for Human Odyssey - CCCDIT

Critical thinking
Informed Opinions/ideas

    James T. Bradley is the W. Kelly Mosley Professor of Sciences and Humanities. He is recognized for his total body of academic work in 33 years as an Auburn professor. Along with his published work on crickets that earned him tenure, Jim has published cross-disciplinary work, presented with colleagues at numerous conferences, and has been successfully funded by the National Science Foundation in support of collaborative interdisciplinary research. He has played a unique and fundamental role in promoting faculty development during his 13 years as Director of The Human Odyssey Program.

   During this time he organized a 6 semester hour interdisciplinary core curriculum integrating sciences and humanities; attracted 10 faculty per year (5 from sciences, 5 from humanities) to team-teach a course for ~125 undergraduates/year for each of two years; trained 5 new faculty members yearly to replace 5 who rotated out each year; enticed ~ 12 AU faculty yearly to help train 5 new AU faculty each year; persuaded ~ 15 AU faculty to give a yearly lecture in the interdisciplinary curriculum; promoted an interdisciplinary academic culture extending to ~ 49 current faculty and ~54 retired faculty who continue to meet, interact, socialize, and on occasion return to teach in the Human Odyssey Program. This interdisciplinary culture is larger than most academic departments.

   The presence of this culture that Jim Bradley fostered led to the many interdisciplinary scholarly projects (articles, books, grants) listed in his CV. In the words of one of his colleagues: "... he is effective without raising his voice or failing to be courteous. He has been a reliably gentle, insistent, and thoughtful presence (and) he has learned to employ those quiet virtues in powerful fashion."

Last Updated: May 2, 2012