How does a Human Odyssey student become eligible for the award?

The procedure for selecting the outstanding student in Human Odyssey follows:

(1) Between 5 and 10 student candidates for the James T. Bradley Human Odyssey Award will be identified each spring semester (late February to early March) by Human Odyssey faculty. These students will have completed Human Odyssey I and will be enrolled in Human Odyssey II.

(2) Students candidates selected by Human Odyssey faculty will be judged to have met in exemplary fashion the following stated objectives of the Human Odyssey:

  • Student understands the meaning of and values different "Ways of Knowing,"
  • Student is successful in making connections between science and the humanities
  • Student questions assumptions and thinks critically
  • Student exhibits tolerance and respect for diversity
  • Student expresses ideas well in both written and oral forms
  • Student exhibits informed opinions about issues of historical and current importance
  • Student has learned that questions are often as important as answers, and appreciates the value of dialogue

(3) The faculty member nominating a student will submit a nominating document (one-two pages) to the program director. This document will detail the ways in which their nominee meets the criteria of the award.

Last Updated: May 2, 2012