What kind of "creative project" is required of a Human Odyssey student to compete for the award?

After being nominated by a Human Odyssey faculty member for the award, to be further considered you must submit a brief resume (including your academic history and a personal statement) along with your “creative project.” The creative project provides evidence of your unique understanding of “ways of knowing” and the ability to connect science with the humanities.

Your creative project may entail:

(a) a written work, such as an essay, short-story (5-10 pages), poetry, and so forth

(b) a work of art, such as a painting or sculpture

(c) a video, musical performance, or lecture/powerpoint presentation (5-10 minutes)

(d) a written description of a civic engagement project (5-10 pages)

If you choose to do so, please submit your creative project to the Human Odyssey coordinator. A selection committee comprised of five former Human Odyssey faculty members will meet and evaluate the creative projects, and will select one outstanding Human Odyssey student yearly based on the student projects.

Last Updated: May 2, 2012