Assessing faculty development through Human Odyssey

Faculty who have taught in the Human Odyssey program often remark on their enhanced self-esteem and spiritual renewal. But self-report data is not an adequate assessment of the program’s value. Rather, it would be better if there were objective measures of the "renewal" resulting from exposure "… to another discipline entirely or else an opportunity to explore in depth the areas where traditionally separate disciplines intersect."

Is one outcome of interdisciplinary studies new scholarship and new knowledge? This would be desirable because publication is the coin of the realm in academia. As it turns out the interdisciplinary nature of teaching Human Odyssey has in fact resulted in collaborative publications.

The following individuals have taught in the Human Odyssey Program, and their participation has resulted in publications in scholarly journals, presentations at regional or national meetings, and/or funded research. (Click on names to see contributions)

Lewis Barker - Psychology
Guy Beckwith - History
James Bradley - Biological Sciences
Martha Escobar - Psychology
Roy Knight - Mechanical Engineering
Roderick Long - Philosophy
Clark Lundell - Industrial Design
Mary Mendonca - Biological Sciences
Michelle Sidler - English

Last Updated: May 2, 2012