Honors Interdisciplinary Symposia

The Honors College's Interdisciplinary Symposia are highly unique team-taught classes available to incoming Honors students for the very first time. They are distinguished from traditional coursework by qualitatively different expectations and an emphasis not on memorization but on learning how to think and communicate. Choose one of the courses above to learn more about it.

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Study

  • Students doing interdisciplinary/cross-curricular study learn to apply knowledge more effectively in thinking and reasoning.
  • What is learned is more readily "portable" to different content areas.
  • Critical thinking learned in interdisciplinary courses can be applied in any discipline.
  • Students have expressed an increased motivation for learning and a higher level of engagement.
  • In contrast to learning skills in isolation, students have seen the value of what they are learning and have become more actively engaged.
  • Provides optimum conditions under which broad-based effective learning occurs.

Why an Honors Student at AU Should Take an Interdisciplinary Symposium:

  • Earn up to 12 hours during one year in just one course sequence.
  • Learn not from a single professor but a coordinated team of "master teachers" from diverse disciplines.
  • Great avenue for meeting a large number of fellow freshman Honors students who are pursuing a wide array of majors,
  • Excellent way of earning Honors and University Core Curriculum credit.

For more information, contact Dr. James Hansen, Honors Director; 334/844-5860; hansejr@auburn.edu


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Last Updated: April 17, 2014