Honors Study and Travel

In an effort to provide Honors students with a holistic college experience, the Honors College has created a study and travel program. This program includes both domestic and international trips, some being the capstone of our new HONR 3087 course. Other experiences include alternative break travel, for students who would like to experience immersion in a culture other than their native.

To find out more about these opportunities please contact cya0001@auburn.edu.



  • Gibson “Our trip to Greece and Turkey was the most amazing, eye-opening experience I've ever had. Every day I wake up and wish we were all still there!”
  • Price “This trip made my senior year perfect. I made great new friends and got to see places and things I had only dreamed of. I would absolutely recommend this trip to everyone in the Honors College!”
  • Kouroupis “I found this trip to be extremely rewarding. I was able to learn about the history in Greece and Turkey in class before the trip, but it was so much more rewarding to actually go to Greece and see the Parthenon; to Turkey and visit the Hagia Sophia. The tours were very informative and I thought we really made the most of our time abroad, traveling to several different cities. I definitely recommend this trip!”
  • Gregg “I would recommend this abroad trip to every student in the honors college. I enjoyed both cultural and touristic aspects of everywhere we went. My most favorite days were the ones which we could adventure in small groups. My favorite place we went was Istanbul. I was truly shocked by the city; its culture and buildings were incredible. The Hagia Sophia is the most beautiful building I have ever seen.”
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Last Updated: April 17, 2014