This is a Windows web server running IIS 6.0 with FPSE.

New websites are no longer being created on this server. 


NOTE:  Microsoft has discontinued support for FrontPage Server extensions and, although still in service, websites and applications housed here are being moved to other platforms. This server is currently planned to be decommissioned in 2014.  If you are a webmaster of any content housed on, you are strongly urged to move it.


OIT is currently developing two alternative IIS environments for sites now hosted on FP, and there are others already in use that may serve your needs.  One is similar to FP in that files can be copied there directly (although with a different protocol, WebDAV, instead of FPSE).  The other is a multiple-server platform using a migration process.  Both IIS web servers support the .NET Framework and the Visual Studio programming IDE.  Alternatively, some sites now hosted on FP may be well suited to move to WordPress or SharePoint, which OIT also provide. 


Perhaps the most important consideration going forward is how your current site was developed and what personnel resources you have for maintaining or improving it.  Does your site use a database?  Does it contain programmed code or only content pages?  Do parts of it require login and need to have protected access?  Does it meet your ongoing needs or is it time for an overhaul?  Do you have the expertise within your organization to maintain it?


OIT has a web development group called Campus Web Solutions that may be able to assist you with this transition.  Please feel free to contact the CWS team if you’d like to schedule a meeting to discuss.


See OIT Web Development for more about web hosting options for AU.

(Auburn's ePortfolio Program recommends Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Google sites.)

Webmasters: the Web site Administration page for your subweb is at where subwebname is your site's name.  It is used to set permissions, manage users and groups and assign their roles, check server health and create and delete subwebs.

To report issues with this server, send e-mail to

NOTE: FTP, WebDAV, and drive mapping are not available on this server.

Scheduled maintenance

Don't plan to update your webs nightly between 1 and 6:30 am or on Sundays before noon,  as these are scheduled maintenance times when the server is subject to unannounced outages.

The server  is on a daily backup schedule.  All directories/subdirectories/files (including database files) on the local drives are included in this daily backup.

This server (formerly called the FrontPage server) runs IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003.  FrontPage Server extensions, Active Server Page scripting, the .NET Framework (currently running versions 2.0.50727.3662, 3.0 and 4.0), and ASP.NET AJAX are provided.